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Have you ever heard someone talking about the 4 Cs of diamonds and been completely lost? Or maybe you know that one of the Cs is cut, but you can never remember the other three. Either way, why not get a refresher on the 4 Cs? It’s useful information to have on hand whether you’re… read more

Your fine jewelry is a precious keepsake meant to last generations. However, jewelry is also prone to wear and tear. Sporting your cherished diamond engagement ring or wedding band every day can cause metals and stones to quickly lose their shine. Learning to take care of them in the proper manner will keep them in… read more

First of all, congratulations. We’re so happy you’ve found the one who makes your heart tick. Now that you’re ready to pop the question (and, presumably, bottles of champagne), it’s time to start looking into engagement rings.   There are so many gems, cuts, and settings that it can get overwhelming. Does this beautifully classic… read more